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Blue, Green, White and Yellow – so many colorful marks on the floor. It is normal that you get confused and think: HELP!? Where am I supposed to park my motorcycle?
When looking for a space to park always have a look at the floor and sidewalks and watch out for those colorful lines which indicate where you are and are not allowed to park.

What do the colors mean

YELLOW: NEVER park on yellow lines – it is forbidden. Yellow lines usually mark entries to garages or other spaces where you are not allowed to park. The motorbike is likely to be towed away and you will have to pay a fine of up to 200€. The same amount may apply if you park in a  zone with signs for “load and unload” or “parking prohibited”.

BLUE / GREEN: If you see cars parked in blue or green lines it means that these cars have to pay for the parking lot – so should you. Look out for parking meters in this street, get a ticket and try to place it visibly on the motorcycle. Take a photo of the ticket and keep your half of it – in case it might fall off the bike and they want to fine you, like this you can prove that you paid for the parking lot.  If you simply don’t pay the fine will be at least 80€.

Also never park on the sidewalks!

BLUE MOTORYCLE PARKING LOT: Usually in cities on the Canary Islands you will find a lot of clearly marked motorcycle parking lots. On the sign it says “gratuito” which means for free. We always recommend to look out for those free motorycle parking lots – it’s the safest way to park.

WHITE: If you see parking lots marked in white – these are for free for everybody. You might park here – we recommend not occupying a whole spot for a car.

What to do when you get fine

In case you got a fine – first: keep calm! Usually in Spain if you pay the fine in the first 10 days there is actually a reduction of 50%. So instead of paying 80 or 200€ you might only have to pay 40 or 100€. So we always recommend to pay it as soon as possible. On the parking fine you should find a barcode. With this you could go to any ATM and pay it easily.

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