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One Way Motorcycle Rental

Are you planning to rent a motorcycle in Tenerife and return it in Gran Canaria (or vice versa)? Our convenient one way rental service makes it possible. While we currently offer this service on a request in advance basis, we aim to automate the process in the future for even greater convenience.

Benefits of One Way Rental

  • Flexibility: Explore multiple islands without the hassle of returning the motorcycle to the same location.
  • Convenience: Save time and effort by avoiding backtracking and transportation logistics.
  • Seamless Experience: We work with trusted third-party transport companies to ensure a smooth transfer of your motorcycle between our Tenerife and Gran Canaria shops.
  • Freedom to Explore: Enjoy the freedom to create your itinerary and maximise your time in the Canary Islands.

How It Works


Request in Advance

Contact us to inquire about our one way rental service. Let us know your preferred pick-up and drop-off locations (Tenerife Shop or Gran Canaria Shop) and the desired rental duration.

Confirmation and Logistics

Once we receive your request, we will confirm the availability and provide you with the necessary information, including the rental cost and additional logistics.

Third-Party Transport

On the agreed-upon date, our trusted third-party transport company will pick up the motorcycle from the drop-off location and safely transport it to the base where the motorcycle belong

Contact Us

Contact us today to inquire about our one way motorcycle rental service and start planning your Canary Islands adventure.