Rent a motorcycle in Gran Canaria

Special offer for 7+ days

When you rent a motorcycle for 7+ days you will get big discount on price per day plus Top Case, Side Cases and Tankbag free of charge!

Weekend Pick Up per 25€

On the weekend we are closed, but if you wish to pick up the motorcycle on Saturday or Sunday it is possible. There will be applied 25€ fee for it. You can select in the cart. If you don't select it, we will apply it in the store.

Damage Deposit

Any damage on the bike rental is deducted from your deposit. The limit of your excess depends on insurance. If you don't choose the Limited Risk Insurance, you will be liable full cost of the motorcycle. If you select this insurance, your excess is either 1200€ or 2000€, depends on model you book.

Included in rental price

Optional as extra