Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark A2

The Scrambler Icon Dark stands for rider comfort and ease of use. Whether you're planning a short ride or a long-distance adventure in the Canary Islands, the Scrambler Icon Dark keeps you comfortable and in control. It is the perfect choice for your next rental adventure riding through the breathtaking landscapes of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.


Gran Canaria

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Little Tank Bag

Price is 5€ per day. From 7 days on, it is free of charge.

Soft Side Bags

Price is 5€ per day. From 7 days on, it is free of charge.


Engine size


Horse Power




Seat Height

Rent a Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark in Gran Canaria or Tenerife


Tank Capacity


Fuel Consumption


Range up to


Wet weight

Rental Price per day / total

Length Price per Day Total Price
1 Day 95€ 95€
2 Days 95€ 190€
3 Days 95€ 285€
4 Days 90€ 360€
5 Days 90€ 450€
6 Days 90€ 540€
7 Days 85€ 595€

Every extra day is 85€. Each day is a 24-hour rental. Including all Taxes.

Pricing of accessories for Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark A2

Full Touring Package

All accessoires

15€ / day

Tank Bag


5€ / day

Side Cases

SW Motech Leather 13/9,8 L

10€ / day

Rentals longer 7+ days have accessories free of charge

Before you rent a Ducati Scrambler, get to know it.

How to control the Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark. This tutorial guides you through the key features and controls of the motorcycle, including the dashboard. Learn about the bike's handy storage options and phone holder.


Amazing experience with the customer service and the rental. No waste of time with paperwork, all online and digital, just quick check and you go. My bike (Ducati Scrambler) was in good condition and it suited well for GC roads. I pretty enjoyed the time on the island, especially GC-65, GC-60, GS-200, GS-210,... yeah and all others 🙂 Definitely can recommend.

Milan DufekMarch 2023

Exploring Gran Canaria on the Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark A2 is just perfect.

Time for New Adventures

Rent a Ducati Scrambler A2 in Gran Canaria or Tenerife