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While planning your motorcycle holidays on the Canary Islands you might stumble upon one important question: Can I take my helmet on a plane? Although, of course, we do provide helmets for our customers, we understand that many of you would prefer to bring your own. You just know it fits perfectly and you are used to wearing it. So – can you actually take it with you?

The answer is: most likely yes!


It is quite hard to find reliable information about that online and it might be different for every airline.

We ourselves have been travelling with a helmet from and too a lot of places with our helmets on a plane. In our experience it has never been a problem. Some airlines might ask to check it in as special luggage and you might have to pay an extra fee, others just let you take it as an additional carry on luggage.

Once I actually called an airline to ask about it and they told me that I would have to drop it off as a baggage and the fee would be 50€ per flight. For that price it makes you reconsider if its worth taking the helmet on your holiday, or if a rental helmet will do. I was so sure that if I would have just taken it to the airport, I could have taken it as a carry on, but I didn’t want to risk it and just left the helmet at home.


So what’s the conclusion?!

Well, the best thing to do is call your airline and ask before flying. Unfortunately there is no general rule.

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