If you would like to return your motorcycle anytime 24/7, you just need to follow the instructions on photos below. 
If you rented a helmet, you should either reserve a Top Case and put the helmet in the Top Case or a Helmet Lock and attach it to the bike. If you rented more gear, you may either leave it in the Top Case or please contact us before to find another solution.

RETURN THE KEYS back to our office, in the little whole in our black garage door, please insert them there.

DEPOSIT: We will pick up the motorcycle and inspect it. If everything is alright we will return your deposit. If there is some problem like missing fuel or damage we will contact you. 

You may park the motorcycle on any designated motorcycle parking lot close to our shop. Blue spots are motorcycle parking

Watch out to only park on motorcycle parking lots

Park inside the marked lines (blue or white)

Leave the helmet / gear in the top box. If the helmet doesn't fit in the box, attach it with the provided helmet lock!

Place the disc lock and activate the alarm.

Keys into the hole in our black garage door.