Rent a motorcycle from anywhere.

Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

You don't need to be limited to any locations on the Island. You can pick up the motorcycle from our place in Las Palmas GC or we can deliver the motorcycle right outside your hotel or accommodation in the South of Gran Canaria. You don't need to worry about anything, we will bring the motorcycle to you.


The service fee for motorcycle drop off and pick up is 29€ for each way.


You can also request pick up or drop off at the airport.


Pick up & Drop off

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

We are based in Gran Canaria’s capital city, Las Palmas, on Calle Rafael Almeida 16. There is no additional fee for pick up or drop off at this venue.

Airport Gran Canaria

We can deliver your motorcycle to the Airport or you can drop it off there for an additional fee of 29€/each way.</p

South of Gran Canaria

We can deliver your motorcycle to any of the popular resorts in the South of the Gran Canaria. Right in front of your hotel. There is an additional fee of 29€/each way.

Get free delivery

If you rent a motorcycle for more than 3 days you will get free delivery on the Island. That includes both pick up and drop off. You will save 58€ and tons of time. Enjoy the easy way to rent a motorcycle in Gran Canaria.

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Canary Ride

C/ Rafael Almeida 16
Las Palmas G.C., 35007
Gran Canaria

Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm
Weekend: 10am - 4pm